Crowns and bridges

Fixed Prosthodontics
We at M3 Dent make two different types of fixed prosthodontics . The first type are ceramic crowns and bridges with base made from chrome-cobalt alloy. These constructions are very infrangible with very good esthetic result. The second type of fixed prosthodontics are crowns and bridges made from special ceramic called zirconium. They don`t have metal base and because of that the esthetic result is much better. They are also very infrangible. In the making of these constructions a computer guided technique is used.
Special preparation of teeth that will carry these prosthodontics is needed.

Part of the tooth must be removed and space for the materials, from which the crown or bridge is composed, to be made.

After that impression from the teeth is taken, which your dentist will sent to dental technician and the final construction will be ready for 7-10 days.

A temporary crown or bridge will be fixed on your teeth for maximum comfort while this period.

After these 7-10 days the final construction must be fixed to your teeth. Your dentist will make this procedure using different types of dental cements.

If there is a color dismatch the bridge or crown can be returned back and fixed within 3 hours. After all correntions have been removed the bridge or crown is cemented.

Maintaining a perfect individual oral hygiene( brushing your teeth) and regular visits to your dentist for professional oral hygiene procedures are very important for the best result and longtime use of these types of fixed prosthodontics.

After all there is a period of getting used to the construction. With help from your dentist this period is very short.