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Why and how often to visit the dentist?
Why should we visit the dentist?

The teeth are really important not just for aesthetics but for function. They are significant just as much for smiling as for speaking and chewing. The personal oral hygiene like teeth brushing, flossing and the usage of interdental brushes is substantial and can prevent a lot of dental diseases. In a lot of cases this is not enough. If there is a risk of caries or gum disease the dental visit can prevent complications.

How often should we visit the dentist?

For children and adults two visits per year at least are recommended. For people, who are prone to oral diseases (smokers, pregnant women) a more often visits are required. For adults and children who are more prone to calculus and plaque accumulation four dental visits are recommended.

What happens on a dental visit?

The first dental visit starts with a thorough dental examination which include complete exam of all surfaces of every tooth, gums and all tissues around those structures. Additional x-rays of suspicious strictures are made in order to be diagnosed unseen in the first exam pathological changes.

Why to trust us?
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